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Neptune Vocal Ensemble brings together professional singers passionately dedicated to vocal music. The members are versatile, with musical training steeped both in jazz and classical traditions, just the right preparation for perorming Ward Swingle’s arrangements, inspired by both these sources.

Initially formed in 2015 by Valerie Saulnier, Neptune presents his first show in honour of Mr. Swingle with several of his arrangements. This concert travels through time from one musical world to another. Interpreting pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, the Beatles, as well as 1930-1940 jazz standards. Neptune was challenged by this great répertoire where the voices are treated as an instruments. Packed with vocal harmonies, these arrangements highlight the performers’ vocal prowess as they seek to reproduce written piano or big band parts by voice alone. Uniting jazz and classical music, you will find scats in works by Bach, vocal reproduction of a violin quartet in a standard, beatbox effects, passages in German and Italian and many other surprises. Neptune offers a mix of harmonies and vocal textures through this broad repertoire, performed mostly a cappella, occasionally accompanied by percussion.